Targeted innovation - Case Study

OAS AG was founded in 1982 by Otto A. Schwimmbeck who developed the first ever worldwide computerised self-calibrating weighing system certified for application Europe-wide. OAS specialises in weighing technology and industrial plant construction. Today, OAS AG successfully acts worldwide and has offices and cooperation in China, Bulgaria and India and its product range includes: Process control. and engineering and automation solutions, weighing and dosing technology and logistic process management tools.

OAS has a history of Innovation and developing market leading products and have been able to capitalise on their success to become an international enterprise. However in recent years they had noticed that instead of generating new idea's, they were instead playing it safe by adapting ideas which had already proven successful for solving similar problems. This approach has severally limited OAS's growth potential and only allowed them to operate in a narrow market sector - rather than looking to break new ground as they had done in the past.

The company implemented ExtremeFactories as a tool to help management focus employees to generate new Idea's for new business products, services and sectors, rather than simply adapting previous idea's - and using the 4 stage ExtremeFactories management was able to ensure that these new idea's were prioritised, evaluated and implemented accordingly.

The successful integration of ExtremeFactories into OAS means that the company has a tool to ensure that the company's innovation is targeted in the correct area's to maximise growth and benefit to the company. OAS employees are engaged with the new system and responding well to the Innovation Challenges, and the number of Idea's for new products, services and sectors being evaluated for implementation is higher than it's been for years - OAS management are confident now that the company is no longer playing it safe and will soon be a market leader once again.

Encouraging our designers to directly interact with our clients via ExtremeFactories to develop innovative solutions for their needs has bettered our understanding of the market, increased client loyalty and company efficiency.

  • This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 285164