One great Idea can light the path to success.
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Designed by business for business Extreme Factories will help your employees communicate and collaborate to develop your next great innovation.

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Problem solving

Solving current problems or Innovating for the future? It's no longer a competition, but both at Fammsa. Read the story...


Effective collaboration with customers and the supply chain on custom products is what makes Cutting Tools stand out from the crowd. Read the story...


Idea's are no good locked in someone's head, communication is the key at Nikari. Read the story...

Increased Employee Engagement

MB Air Systems employees are their best resource, Ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Read the story...

OnDemand Service

Ideal for business who use Innovation Management in a limited capacity, have a few employees and wish to run limited number of Innovation Challenges.

(On demand) is where you only pay for how much you use the system and have none of the hassle of installation and maintenance.

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OnSite Service

Ideal for businesses looking for a larger scale implementation of Innovation Management who have large numbers employees and will run a high number of Innovation challenges.

(Onsite) gives you ultimate control and the ability install the software on your own in house IT systems to customise to your own needs.


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